21 Best Military-Themed Comic Books and Graphic Novels 2021 Edition main

21 Best Military-Themed Comic Books and Graphic Novels: 2021 Edition

Our collection of best military themed comic books and graphic novels for this year has a great mix of old and new titles and includes exciting books such as Born and DMZ.

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War Is Hell: The First Flight Of The Phantom Eagle. Set against the grim backdrop of Word War I, mysterious aviator Karl Kaufmann arrives on the western front dressed outlandishly and at the controls of his own plane. Overconfident and full of romantic ideals, he has come to fight and kill the Hun.

But soon Kaufmann confronts staggering loss and witnesses violence on a scale he has never imagined. In the process, he learns the harsh truth of conflict: war is hell.

Winter Soldier: Winter Kills One-Shot, Vol. 1. In the midst of the harsh division of the CIVIL WAR, James Buchanan Barnes, Captain America’s one-time partner Bucky, faces his first Christmas of the 21st century. And faces the truth of the terrible things he was forced to do as the Winter Soldier.

Twists of Fate. Miguel Ruiz is a Spanish veteran exiled in France who was a member of “La Nueve” (“The Nine”), a company of men that went straight from fighting for their homeland in the Spanish Civil War to battles spanning the globe in WWII.

Their years-long trek across Europe and Africa was spurred on by their love for their country and their hatred for brutal dictatorships. Roca uses the composite character Ruiz’s “memories” to tell a story that’s an ode to a generation that bravely stood up to, and beat back, violent fascism. Full-color illustrations throughout.

Titanium Rain, Vol. 1. To be alive is to be at odds with the world. The instinct to survive is what has made us who we are. In the year 2031, mankind’s survival instinct is put to the test when a Chinese civil war spirals into a global conflict.

For many, like US Air Force pilot Alec Killian, survival will mean shedding some of his humanity in exchange for biotech and machine. Follow one pilot’s journey through mankind’s worst, only to discover its best.

Titanium Rain’s story is a mix of military and Sci Fi genres…

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Thumbprint. Private Mallory Grennan had done terrible things as an Abu Ghraib prison worker. After being discharged from the army, Mal thought she was leaving her sins behind to start a new life back home.

But some things can’t be left behind — some things don’t want to be left behind. By Joe Hill and Jason Ciaramella, the writing team that brought you the Eisner-award nominated one-shot, The Cape, with art by Vic Malhotra. Thumbprint will turn your guts inside out.

Shrapnel: Aristeia Rising. Venus, 2250. After five years of war, the last free colony in the Solar System is about to fall. Unknown to the attacking Marines ― or even the colonists themselves ― the most infamous heroine of the war has gone into hiding in exile on their planet. Now she must organize a revolt against the very Marines she once fought alongside and lead the colonists to freedom.

Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy. Rock and Easy Company parachute into Nazi-occupied Lithuania to rescue a young rabbi so they can bring him to America and make the horrors of the Holocaust known to the world.

Sara. A team of female Russian snipers beat back the Nazi invaders on the WW2 Eastern Front. Writer: Garth Ennis (Punisher, Preacher, The Boys) Artist: Steve Epting (Captain America, Velvet) Color Artist: Elizabeth Breitweiser (Batman, Outcast, Kill or Be Killed) Letterer: Rob Steen (Punisher, Nick Fury).

The Rest of Heaven Was Blue. A young soldier in the Vietnam War struggles with a personal descent into purgatory. Ravaged by a firestorm of bullets, grenades, and napalm, he finds himself in a moral abyss, tormented by grotesque visions of dead soldiers and hounded by an illusory phantom figure.

Relentlessly moving through the warzone, the violence escalates to the most vile and base sort as his misery traps him in a sea of indecision while caught in the wake of atrocities under the driving force of his vicious platoon sergeant. If Heaven hides nothing from us, then neither does Hell.

John Knight’s Operation – Project A.L.B.A. This is the first two chapters of an espionage/thriller limited series. In the not-too-distant future, citizens across the world are assembling into militias to bring down their governments. During this revolution, John Knight and his elite team of US Marines called “The White Eagles” serve and protect.

While The White Eagles are on duty protecting civilians, a new underground terrorist organization emerges called “The Red Vultures,” who plan to bring the revolution to a whole new level using Biomolecular Nanotechnology (B.N.T).

Nazi Zombies. A desperate Third Reich unleashes its most fearsome weapon: Der Totenkorpse! A fiendish division of flesh-eating soldiers that cannot die! Born of horrible human experiments, baptized in the fires of Hell, drenched in the blood of the innocent, the Death Corps marches to consume the living. If the Nazis cannot rule the world, they will eat it alive.

Executive Outcomes. Major Cobus Claassens commands a team of 150 mercenaries contracted to bring stability to the war-torn West African country of Sierra Leone.

Battling overwhelming odds, Cobus and his men train and fight alongside a small contingent of soldiers against a murderous band of 15,000 rebel fighters bent on genocide. But, no amount of soldiering has prepared the men for the vicious arena of butchery, treachery, and mounting political pressure they experience while trying to do what is just. What difference does winning make if they lose their humanity in the process?

Based on a true story and written by Nick Bicanic the Director and Producer of the 4x LEO award-winning documentary about mercenaries, Shadow Company, with a script written by M. Zachary Sherman (America’s Army), and art by Emmanuel Xerx Javier (Nightbreed), Executive Outcomes is a politically charged, action-packed story that captures the real-life events of a few good men accomplishing impossible deeds.

Cannon. Your mission, should you choose to accept it… is CANNON by the legendary Wallace Wood (Mad, EC Comics, Daredevil)! CANNON appeared every week for two and a half years in Overseas Weekly, a newspaper distributed exclusively to U.S. Military bases around the world.

Uncensored by commercial editorial restrictions, Wood pulled out all the stops – producing a thrilling and salacious Cold War spy serial run amok with brutal violence and titillating sex all in an effort to boost morale and support our troops! Under the employ of our government’s Central Intelligence Agency, Cannon experiences action like no other agent!

Undercover and under the covers, Cannon endures nude torture by beautiful women, explosive gunplay, naked catfights, bone-crunching plastic surgery, nudity, Hitler, nihilistic lovemaking, Weasel the spy, naked women, death from above, and more naked women! Take that, 007!

Born. In the waning days of the Vietnam War…the Punisher is born. The year is 1971. With mounting casualties and a rising anti-war sentiment, America’s time in Vietnam is coming to a close. Yet in the isolated Valley Forge Firebase on the Cambodian border, Captain Frank Castle is one of the few soldiers still committed to the fight against the enemy.

With dwindling reserves, Castle must stand against an impending Viet Cong attack that threatens to wipe out the entire American platoon. To survive the battle, what grim decision must he make that will forever alter the course of his life?

In this acclaimed tale, superstar Garth Ennis reveals the never-before-told story of the horrors Castle was forced to face to come home from Vietnam alive — ending in a shocking twist that will forever change how readers see Marvel Comics’ most famous urban vigilante.

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30 Days of Night. The vampire tale that put horror comics back on the map! Collects the original trilogy of stories centered around Barrow, Alaska, and its deadly visitors.

First, in the original 30 Days of Night, dive deep into the nightmare world of Barrow, Alaska, where month-long winter darkness calls a siren song to a band of bloodthirsty vampires. The town’s only hope of survival lies in the hands of Stella and Eben, the local husband-and-wife sheriff team.

Then, in Dark Days, Stella and Eben have sacrificed so much, and the world desperately needs to know the truth about the vampire plague, but it’s going to take a whole lot more than a pound of flesh to satisfy a bunch of ravening bloodsuckers who don’t want their secrets revealed.

Last, we Return to Barrow, where the setting sun ignites a new winter of terror for the beleaguered townspeople. Brian Kitka is desperate to find out what happened to his brother last winter, and becoming the new sheriff may get him the answers he needs. But some things are best left in the dark, and Brian will need more than just help from a few old friends if anyone’s going to be alive come sunrise.

303. Deep in the mountains of Afghanistan, a dozen Russian Special Forces soldiers race their British opponents for a secret neither of them can imagine.

The Russian leader, a war weary Colonel who knows no other life but conflict, carries old ghosts that refuse to let him be, but the battle that awaits him deep in this ancient land will change his life forever, and send him on a violent journey no sane man would contemplate. The ultimate soldier meets his destiny, in 303!

The Activity. The evolution of global conflict necessitates the evolution of warfare to rise and meet the call. The United States’ latest, most advanced, and most secret special operations group is hidden inside the INTELLIGENCE SUPPORT ACTIVITY. They are tasked with fixing botched operations, wielding bleeding-edge tech, and planning and executing lethal action in the utmost secrecy.

Area 51. Though nearly everyone has heard of it, almost no one has known anything about it . . . until now. Located in the remote Nevada desert near the dry bed of Groom Lake, Area 51 is the most famous military installation in the world that doesn’t “officially” exist.

In Area 51, author Dwight Zimmerman and artist Greg Scott unravel the real history – minus the aliens and sci-fi movie plots – revealing in detail how for more than 60 years, the CIA, the U.S. Air Force, and aerospace company Lockheed Martin have all used Area 51 as a staging ground for test flights of experimental or highly classified aircrafts.

Scott illustrates the Archangel-12 as well as follow-on aircrafts, such as the U-2, the SR-71 Blackbird, and the F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter, while author Zimmerman tells the history of how they sprang from the research and development conducted at Area 51.

This first-of-its-kind graphic history strips away the fantastical aspects of this mysterious location and establishes the actual, significant history made there.

Cold War. Acclaimed creator John Byrne (Next Men) releases his latest creation, MI-6 agent Michael Swann. In Swann’s opening adventure, “The Damoclese Contract,” the secret agent is called on to stop a defecting British scientist from granting the Soviets complete nuclear dominion over the free world… promising ample doses of intrigue and espionage.

Days of Darkness. This epic graphic novel from acclaimed comic’s writer and artist Wayne Vansant collects his incredible mini-series that depicts the early days of the United States in the Second World War. Days of Darkness covers the darkest days of World War II, when the United States went from the tragedy of Pearl Harbor to the triumph at Midway.

Here is covered in detail the attack of the US Naval base and the devastation of the fleet in Hawaii, the action moves to the evacuation of the Philippines, the horror of the Death March of Bataan, and the the dramatic Battle of Midway which stopped the Japanese juggernaut in the Pacific.

Creator Wayne Vansant, best known for his exacting detail on the long running popular MARVEL series, The ‘Nam, chronicles the participation of the Cahill family as their lives are irrevocably changed forever as their world is plunged into war.Reviews: “Heavy on authenticity, compellingly written and beautifully drawn.”- Comics Buyers Guide“…conveying to today’s fans what life was life, both at war and at home during this turbulent era.”- Comic Shop News. “Informative and historical, all wrapped up in an entertaining package of fact blended with fiction.”- Joe Pruett, writer of X-Men and Domino.

DMZ. In the near future, America’s worst nightmare has come true. With military adventurism overseas bogging down the Army and National Guard, the U.S. government mistakenly neglects the very real threat of anti-establishment militias scattered across the 50 states. Like a sleeping giant, Middle America rises up and violently pushes its way to the shining seas, coming to a standstill at the line in the sand — Manhattan or, as the world now knows it, the DMZ.

Matty Roth, a naïve young man and aspiring photojournalist, lands a dream gig following a veteran war journalist into the heart of the DMZ. Things soon go terribly wrong, and Matty finds himself lost and alone in a world he’s only seen on television. There, he is faced with a choice: try to find a way off the island, or make his career with an assignment most journalists would kill for. But can he survive in a war zone long enough to report the truth?


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