58 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2023 Edition signora volpe main

58 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV: 2023 Edition

Our newly updated 2023 definitive guide of 58 best crime drama and thriller shows on Acorn TV includes some of the most exciting Acorn TV Originals as well as classic favorites.

Based on our latest review of the Acorn TV catalogue and notable shows that have been released since our previous edition, we have made some adjustments to our list.

Most notably, we really enjoyed and add few new shows including: Signora Volpe, The Madame Blanc Mysteries, and Recipes for Love and Murder. 


Latest Update (January 2023)

In the same fashion as 2022, we have included high ranked original shows as well as other titles based on the feedback and comments of our readers. Our 2022 guide is available here. You can check out our Acorn TV full coverage here.

Note: For more on our coverage of Acorn TV and its shows, please read The 30 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV: 2018 Edition and 40 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV: 2019 Edition. Additionally, BritBox VS. Acorn TV: Which One Is A Better Streaming Service? provides a comparison between Acorn TV and a similar service.

Freshly updated and now in an expanded list, our new selected titles for 2023 are highly addictive and intriguing:


This is an Acorn TV Original series: Antique dealer Jean White finds her life turned upside down when she learns her husband Rory has died on his way home from the south of France, all of their money has disappeared, their shop is remortgaged to the hilt and their assets pawned off.


58 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2023 Edition WHITSTABLE PEARL

With her son grown, single mum Pearl (Kerry Godliman, After Life) pursues her lifelong dream and starts a private detective agency, which she runs from her family restaurant in the coastal town of Whitstable. Drawn by her caring nature, locals soon flock to her with all kinds of cases. But when a friend dies suspiciously, Pearl finds herself in conflict with gruff new cop in town DCI Mike McGuire.


New Episodes Weekly. When a woman who wrote to recipe/advice columnist Tannie Maria (Maria Doyle Kennedy, Outlander) turns up dead, Maria and her colleague, rookie journalist Jessie (Kylie Fisher), spring into action. They’re determined to solve the murder in their small South African town, to the annoyance of police detective Khaya (Tony Kgoroge, Invictus). But will their investigation stir up too much trouble?

4. The South Westerlies

Little lies lead to bigger truths in this charming Irish dramedy. Environmental consultant Kate Ryan (Orla Brady, Fringe) goes undercover in a small town to quell objections to a wind farm. But Kate has a complicated history with Carrigeen.

54 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2022 Edition south westerlies

Soon after arriving with her son, she runs into an ex-friend and an old flame and realizes her task won’t be a breeze. Co-stars Patrick Bergin (Patriot Games).


In this “complex and fascinating mystery” (Radio Times), physician Tom (David Tennant, Broadchurch) and his teacher wife (Anna Madeley, Patrick Melrose) lead a seemingly perfect life in a Scottish town. Then a fire ravages their home one night, forcing those closest to them to question everything they knew about their friends. Cush Jumbo (The Good Wife) and Matthew McNulty (Versailles) also star.

Deadwater Fell A Notable Mystery Mini-Series About A Close-Knit Community


Brock Blennerhasset makes a living out of photographing the dead in Victorian Ireland. When a series of murders threatens to sully Blennerhasset’s reputation, a tenacious detective drags him into an investigation of Dublin’s criminal underbelly. Set within the fascinating historical period of postmortem portraiture, this darkly comic series blends murder mystery with delightfully macabre humor.

49 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2021 Edition dead still


Suave, smart, and somewhat strange, Raphaël Balthazar (Tomer Sisley) can make the dead speak like no one else. As a forensic pathologist in Paris, he works with no-nonsense chief inspector Hélène Bach (Hélène de Fougerolles) to solve the city’s most disturbing crimes. But there’s one case that continues to haunt him–the murder of his wife over a decade ago.

47 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2020 Edition BALTHAZAR


In this gripping psychological mystery from New Zealand, Detective Jess Savage (Kate Elliott, Wentworth) is recovering from a car crash that killed her husband when she learns about a new lead in a cold case. Jess restarts the investigation but notices troubling lapses in her memory. As she searches for answers, she begins to fathom that justice isn’t always right, and not all crimes are wrong.

49 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2021 Edition the gulf

9. Code of a Killer

Another Acorn original: This three-part British miniseries “combines gripping drama with the remarkable history of DNA fingerprinting” (Mirror, UK).

54 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2022 Edition code of a killer

David Threlfall (Shameless) stars as DCS David Baker and John Simm (Doctor Who) portrays Dr Alec Jeffreys, a scientist who invents a technique to extract individual’s unique DNA. Working together, the two men investigate the brutal murder of two schoolgirls.


Acorn TV original series: Thirteen years after their son’s murder at the hands of a racist gang, Stephen Lawrence’s parents (Sharlene Whyte & Hugh Quarshie) continue their fight for justice. Meanwhile, DCI Clive Driscoll (Steve Coogan) is convinced the case can still be solved, despite opposition from within the police. “Gripping… important and outstanding television” -The Age.


Based on the novels by Ian Rankin, this gritty crime drama stars BAFTA Award winner John Hannah (Four Weddings and a Funeral) and Laurence and Olivier Award winner Ken Stott (The Hobbit) as gruff Scottish detective John Rebus. The world-weary policeman investigates the grisly crimes that mar Edinburgh’s historic streets in these sharply written and intricately plotted mysteries.

49 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2021 Edition rebus


Family secrets and international intrigue collide in this riveting Acorn TV Original drama from Ireland. After her husband is murdered, Sarah Manning slowly realizes that she knew almost nothing about his past. The investigation forces her to reckon with who he actually was–and what he did in his work for a shadowy global organization.

13. STRAIGHT FORWARD (Acorn TV Original Series)

Danish/New Zealand co-production and family crime drama following a woman (Cecilie Stenspil) seeking revenge after a notorious gangster murders her father. (8 EPS).


58 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2023 Edition SIGNORA VOLPE

Disillusioned British spy Sylvia Fox (Emilia Fox) is in Italy for her niece’s wedding when the groom goes missing. Sylvia solves the mystery and, longing to reconnect with her sister (Tara Fitzgerald), decides to start anew in Umbria. Soon she’s tackling other cases and winning over a handsome local cop (Giovanni Cirfiera), even as her ex-husband/ex-colleague (Jamie Bamber) tries to lure her back.



Dan Spielman, Ashley Zukerman, and Lucy Lawless star in this “edge-of-your-seat portrayal of political skullduggery and subterfuge” (The Australian).

54 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2022 Edition code

After video of a deadly crash is sent to journalist Ned Banks, he and his hacker brother find themselves embroiled in matters of national security. “Highly entertaining but chillingly prescient” (The Australian).


Series 3 now in production. In this dark crime drama with a supernatural edge, a small town in New Zealand is upended when a local man’s body is found at the bottom of a one-lane bridge that’s long been a locus of unexplained events. While investigating the murder, an ambitious Māori detective inadvertently reawakens his second sight, a gift that endangers his life but may help solve the mystery of the sinister landmark.




17. Rebecka Martinsson

We do have an implicit bias towards good Scandinavian crime dramas and Rebecka Martinsson is one of those excellent shows which instantly made it to the top of our list. Wall Street Journal recently said this about the show: “In a television world now awash in female coppers, there aren’t many as interesting and human as Rebecka”

This gripping Swedish crime drama follows Rebecka Martinsson, a successful Stockholm lawyer whose life is turned upside down after a violent death in the hometown she tried to leave behind. When a childhood friend suddenly dies Rebecka Martinsson returns home to the north of Kiruna. But not everything is what it seems.



This raucous drama tells the true story of New Zealand’s most controversial lawyer, Mike Bungay (Mark Mitchinson, The Hobbit films, Spartacus).

In a high-profile career that spans decades, he successfully defends alleged murderers, spies, and gang members. But no matter how many legal victories he wins, Bungay can’t quit his self-destructive habits and escape his own inner demons.


19. Loch Ness

Loch Ness is a six-part British television drama series and is created by screenwriter Stephen Brady. It follows DS Annie Redford (Laura Fraser), a small town police officer with the Scottish Highland Police as she investigates the murder of piano teacher Niall Swift, who is found dead at the bottom of a cliff in the picturesque village of Lochnafoy, Loch Ness.

When it becomes apparent that part of Swift’s brain has been removed, and a human heart belonging to another victim is found close by, Annie’s team realize they are searching for a serial killer. In response, Glasgow based major investigation detective DCI Lauren Quigley (Siobhan Finneran) is brought in to lead the inquiry.


47 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2020 Edition poison tree

Emmy nominee Matthew Goode (A Discovery of Witches, The Crown) stars in this “gripping… psychological crime thriller” (Mirror, UK) of deception, seduction, and twisted family ties. Released from prison, convicted murderer Rex returns home to his devoted wife, Karen (MyAnna Buring, Ripper Street), who has always maintained his innocence. But Karen is hiding darker secrets than even Rex realizes.



54 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2022 Edition THE IRISH R.M.

Classic series based on the on the turn-of-the-century stories by Somerville and Ross. Peter Bowles (Rumpole of the Bailey, To the Manor Born) stars as Major Sinclair Yeates, a retired English army officer who becomes a Resident Magistrate in pre-independence West Ireland. CC Available.

The 40 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2018 Edition vera

22. Vera

Vera is a British crime drama series based on novels of the same name, written by crime writer Ann Cleeves. To date, eight seasons of the series have been produced and aired.

The series stars Brenda Blethyn as the principal character, Detective Chief Inspector Vera Stanhope. Vera is a middle-aged employee of the fictional Northumberland & City Police, who is obsessive about her work and driven by her own demons. She plods along in a constantly disheveled state, but has a calculating mind and, despite her irascible personality, she cares deeply about her work and comrades. Vera forms a close relationship with both of her sergeants, Joe Ashworth (David Leon) and, subsequently, Aiden Healy (Kenny Doughty).

The 40 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2018 Edition Jack Taylor

23. Jack Taylor

This is one of Mystery Tribune’s favorites: Jack Taylor is an Irish mystery television drama based on the novels by Ken Bruen. Set in Galway, the program features Iain Glen in the eponymous role of Jack Taylor, a former officer with the Garda Síochána (national police) who becomes a “finder” (private investigator) after leaving the service; Taylor looks for clues others have overlooked, and knows the streets of his hometown like the back of his hand.


When two friends facing their older years find themselves increasingly overlooked, they turn to crime to even the score.

54 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2022 Edition THE SIMPLE HEIST

As Jenny (Lotta Teijle) struggles to stay afloat during her divorce, she teams up with the similarly cash-strapped Cecilia (Sissela Kyle) to rob a bank. This Swedish-language comedy-drama combines crime caper with a deft comedic touch.


47 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2020 Edition truth will out

Detective Peter Wendel wants to create an elite team of investigators to crack cold cases. When the police receive a tip that Sweden’s most notorious serial killer is a fraud, and therefore eight killers might have gone free, Wendel gets his chance–but only the dregs of the force are available to work the case. Can his lowly group solve these high-profile crimes? Swedish with English subtitles.



When a young woman’s body turns up with evidence that she had been held prisoner, the investigation leads DI Cadi John (Sian Reese-Williams, Requiem) to a string of disappearances in a remote yet striking corner of Wales. This noir thriller from the team behind Hinterland is a gripping mystery with “superb performances all-round” (KillingTimes.tv).

49 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2021 Edition hidden


Decades ago, teenagers Olaf and Alice disappeared from the Dutch village of Schouwendam without a trace. Then an unknown man suddenly turns up in town with no memories but a clear resemblance to Olaf. The residents are forced to confront the mysteries of the past, but who is lying and who is telling the truth? As new fatalities occur, the community is riven with fear in this Dutch-language drama.

49 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2021 Edition THE SCHOUWENDAM 12


28. Bang

From the producers of The Fall comes this award-winning Welsh drama about ambitious police officer Gina Jenkins (Catrin Stewart, Stella) and her troubled brother, Sam (Jacob Ifan, Cuffs).

54 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2022 Edition bang

When Sam gets ahold of a gun, he sets off on a crime spree that endangers not only his life, but also his sister’s future in the force. Bilingual drama in English and Welsh with subtitles.

29. George Gently

In this acclaimed BBC detective drama, Tony nominee Martin Shaw (Death in Holy Orders) stars as Inspector George Gently, an incorruptible cop transplanted from London to the North East of England in the mid-1960s. Gently and his cocky young protege, John Bacchus (Lee Ingleby, Line of Duty), investigate brutal crimes as they confront the social and political changes of the era.

The 40 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2018 Edition FOYLE'S WAR

30. Foyle’s War

Foyle’s War is a British detective drama television series set during (and shortly after) the Second World War, created by Midsomer Murders screenwriter and author Anthony Horowitz and commissioned by ITV after the long-running series Inspector Morse ended in 2000.

In this series, Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle (Michael Kitchen), a widower, is quiet, methodical, sagacious, scrupulously honest and frequently underestimated by his foes. Many of his cases concern profiteering, the black market and murder, and he is often called on to catch criminals who are taking advantage of the confusion created by the war.

Although Foyle often comes up against high-ranking officials in the British military or intelligence services who would prefer that he mind his own business, he tenaciously seeks justice. Throughout the series, he is assisted by his driver, Samantha “Sam” Stewart(Honeysuckle Weeks), and Detective Sergeant Paul Milner (Anthony Howell).

31. Cold Call

After single mother June (Sally Lindsay, Scott & Bailey) receives a fateful phone call, she takes increasingly desperate measures to salvage her family’s future in this dark thriller.

54 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2022 Edition cold call

Finding herself the victim of a scam that wipes out her savings, June tries to hunt down those responsible with the help of an old flame (Daniel Ryan, Mount Pleasant). “Compelling drama” -The Times.


47 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2020 Edition jack irish

Emmy Award-winner Guy Pearce (Memento, Iron Man 3) is ex-lawyer turned PI Jack Irish in this acclaimed Aussie noir series. Aided by journalist-and sometimes girlfriend-Linda Hillier (Marta Dusseldorp, A Place to Call Home, Janet King), Jack takes on cases that plunge him into Melbourne’s criminal underbelly. “With romance, exotic suspense, and dry wit, Jack’s the whole package” -TV Guide.


Striking a “satisfying balance between crime-fighting and private emotional upheaval” (The Glasgow Herald), this gritty police procedural follows vice-squad detectives Isobel de Pauli (Samantha Womack, Mount Pleasant) and Mark Callaghan (Mark Womack, Babylon) as they fight crime and corruption in Liverpool’s dangerous underbelly.

49 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2021 Edition liverpool 1



After the investigation into the fatal hit-and-run of her young son is dropped, Frances Cairnes (Cush Jumbo) takes matters into her own hands, plotting to kill George Rattery (Jared Harris), the pompous man she suspects is responsible.

54 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2022 Edition THE BEAST MUST DIE

Troubled detective Nigel Strangeways (Billy Howle) ends up working both to prove George’s guilt and head off Frances’s plans for revenge. “A must-watch” -IndieWire.

35. KEEPING FAITH, Series 2 (Acorn TV Original Series)

The BBC Wales international sensation returns with Eve Myles (Victoria, Broadchurch) as Faith and her family reel from the dramatic aftermath of Series 1. (6 EPS).

The 40 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2018 Edition L'Accident


Lying, cheating, thieving-they’re the best undercover cops in the business. Liam Ketman (Nick Berry, Heartbeat) and Garth O’Hanlon (Stephen Tompkinson, Wild at Heart) take on false identities to infiltrate society’s underbelly and stop crime at its core. As they put their lives on the line, Liam tries desperately to hold his marriage together, while Gareth keeps his personal life a mystery.

37. Poirot Collection

This is now a classic: David Suchet is a pitch-perfect Poirot in these gorgeously filmed adaptations of Agatha Christie’s mysteries. The diminuitive detective cracks cases with a sharp mind, dry wit, and help from his friends, including Captain Hastings (Hugh Fraser, Sharpe), Inspector Japp (Philip Jackson, Boomers, The Good Karma Hospital), and Ariadne Oliver (Zoe Wanamaker, My Family, Mr. Selfridge).


Two-time Oscar nominee Judy Davis (Feud, Life with Judy Garland) and award-winning actor Aaron Pedersen (Jack Irish) star in this Acorn TV Original drama set in the Australian outback.

54 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2022 Edition MYSTERY ROAD

When two boys go missing from a cattle station, Detective Jay Swan (Pedersen) teams up with local cop Emma James (Davis) to investigate. But solving the mystery could expose other crimes that haunt the remote town.

39. Line of Duty

Like other police units, AC-12 investigates criminals–but the lawbreakers it catches are police officers working in the line of duty. Martin Compston (Monarch of the Glen), Lennie James (The Walking Dead), and Keeley Hawes (The Casual Vacancy) star in this critically adored series called “unmissible” by The Times (UK).

The 40 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2018 Edition ACCEPTABLE RISK


DCI Dan Sommerdahl investigates murders in a lovely Danish coastal town with his best friend, Detective Flemming Torp, and his wife, Marianne, a criminal technician. But Dan’s years of devotion to the job have hurt his marriage, and with Marianne wanting a divorce, Dan discovers his rival for her affections is none other than his best friend. And they all must still work together to solve crimes.

49 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2021 Edition THE SOMMERDAHL MURDERS



Six months after a teenaged girl is kidnapped from a Copenhagen suburb, only investigator Jan Michelsen retains hope she’s alive. When Jan unearths a cold case bearing the same hallmarks, he brings in Louise Bergstein, an expert on serial killers. With more lives at stake, together they grapple with the darkness preying on the community in this Danish noir. CONTAINS VIOLENCE AND GRAPHIC SCENES.

42. Above Suspicion 

Kelly Reilly (True Detective) and Ciaran Hinds (Game of Thrones) star in this riveting detective series from Prime Suspect creator Lynda La Plante. With thrilling storytelling and smoldering chemistry between Reilly and Hinds, it’s “easily one of the best detective shows on the box” (Wales on Sunday, UK).


Arrives in the United Kingdom July 19. “The best Nord noir ever” (The Observer), this acclaimed series follows a homicide detective (Sven Nordin, Valkyrien) tracking an American serial killer hiding in his community, with the help of an FBI agent (Carrie-Anne Moss, The Matrix). When an old case comes back to haunt Wisting, how will he save others when he finds himself suspended and fighting for his reputation, career, and life?

44. Murdoch Mysteries

Murdoch Mysteries is a Canadian television drama series featuring Yannick Bisson as William Murdoch, a police detective working in Toronto, Ontario, around the turn of the twentieth century. The television series is based on characters from the novel series by Maureen Jennings.

The 40 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2018 Edition AGATHA RAISIN

45. Agatha Raisin

This show is a top pick for many cozy mystery fans: Ashley Jensen stars in this quintessentially British village mystery based on the bestselling books by M.C. Beaton. Burnt out on office politics, Agatha Raisin retires early to a picturesque village in the Cotswolds and soon finds a second career as an amateur detective investigating mischief, mayhem, and murder her deceptively quaint town.


Premieres in Latin America July 29. On a quiet summer evening in a small Dutch village, a teenage girl goes missing while riding her bike. Was it an abduction, an escape, or a murder?

54 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2022 Edition THE OLDENHEIM TWELVE

When a second person disappears without a trace, the townsfolk of Oldenheim start to succumb to paranoia and suspicion as they wonder who will be next. This Dutch-language thriller stars Noortje Herlaar and Nasrdin Dchar.

47. Jericho of Scotland Yard

“Robert Lindsay (My Family) stars as Chief Inspector Michael Jericho of Scotland Yard, a respected, uncompromising, and forward-thinking detective investigating high-profile murders in 1950s London. Set during a fascinating period of Britain’s social history, the series is more than a whodunnit, offering a peek at the explosion of shifting attitudes after the Second World War.

48. Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

This stylish and sexy period mystery stars Essie Davis (The Babadook) as Phryne Fisher, a thoroughly modern woman operating in a mostly male world. Set in 1920s Melbourne, the series follows the glamorous lady detective as she goes about her work with a pistol close at hand and, more often than not, a male admirer even closer.

49. Pie In The Sky

This lighthearted mystery stars Richard Griffiths (Harry Potter) as DI Henry Crabbe, a good cop who finally retires from the force and opens his dream restaurant. He hopes to while away his retirement serving up his favorite dishes, but his old boss puts his plans on the back burner. “An enjoyably British mix of character comedy and murder mystery” –MSN Entertainment.


47 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2020 Edition no offence

From the creator of Shameless comes an “exhilarating” (The Independent, UK) police comedy-drama with fierce female characters and a shrewd, irreverent take on crime. Joanna Scanlan (Notes on a Scandal) and Elaine Cassidy (Acceptable Risk) star as Manchester detectives hunting for a serial killer in this BAFTA Award nominee for Best Drama Series.


Five years ago, a serial killer murdered three young men but was never found. Now, criminal profiler Louise Bergstein is asked by the terminally ill mother of a victim to help solve the case.

54 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2022 Edition BLINDED THOSE WHO KILL

Teaming up with the police, Louise discovers a distinct pattern to the killings-and the hunt only intensifies as the murderer strikes again in this Danish thriller. CONTAINS VIOLENCE AND GRAPHIC SCENES.

52. Mr. And Mrs. Murder

In this Aussie import, fun-loving and flirtatious married couple Nicola (Kat Stewart, Offspring) and Charlie Buchanan (Shaun Micallef) run a cleaning service for crime scenes. The amateur detectives quickly realize that closing cases comes just as naturally as cleaning them up.


53. The Level

This gripping Acorn TV Original features “a great cast and a twist-filled plot” (Evening Standard, UK). DS Nancy Devlin (Karla Crome) is a good cop with a secret: drug trafficker Frank Le Saux (Philip Glenister, Life on Mars) is like a father to her. Co-stars Robert James-Collier (Downton Abbey), Joe Absolom (Doc Martin), and Amanda Burton (The Commander).

54. Alibi

Michael Kitchen (Foyle’s War), Phyllis Logan (Downton Abbey), and Oscar nominee Sophie Okonedo (Hotel Rwanda) star in this intriguing miniseries. When neurotic Greg (Kitchen) is implicated in his business partner’s death, witness Marcey (Okonedo) helps him dispose of the corpse–but quickly begins to wonder what she has gotten herself into.


58 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2023 Edition backstrom

Series 2 Premieres in North America and the United Kingdom September 19th. Evert Bäckström is a rock star among cops. Starring as a TV expert doesn’t help his ego or reputation. He thinks he’s a genius-and he is, at solving crimes. When a woman’s skull is found, it seems she was murdered recently, but DNA points to her death in the 2004 tsunami. Prosecutor Hanna Hwass believes it’s a mistake, but Bäckström sees a case only he can solve: a woman who has died twice.


Widowed English nurse Joan Kirkhope (Greta Scacchi) is on a quest to find answers about her husband’s mysterious death, while ex-detective Jack Darby (Bryan Brown) has taken to the open road to escape his past. But when they collide in the Australian outback and become drawn into a series of mysteries, this unlikely investigative duo soon realize the most intriguing puzzle they face is each other.

57. Innocent

After serving seven years in prison for his wife’s murder, David Collins (Lee Ingleby, George Gently) is released on a technicality. But David has always maintained his innocence, and he looks to repair his relationships with family and friends–some of whom still believe he’s guilty. As the police reopen the case, buried secrets are unearthed that could shatter even more lives.


After 10 years abroad, Candice Renoir is back in the south of France and back on the case as a police commandant. Newly divorced with four kids, Candice feels rusty at work-and her skeptical colleagues don’t help. Determined to prove her so-called weaknesses are strengths, she solves complex cases with common sense, acute observations, and a practical nature honed by the life of a busy mom.



Based on our latest review of new shows on Acorn TV in January 2023, we have added the following hand-picked shows as a bonus.

Mind Games

DI Frances O’Neil is a former nun turned criminal profiler who gets into the minds of murderers to solve crimes. When two women are found tied to chairs and beaten to death in their own homes, Frances realizes that these murders, which were initially thought to be burglaries gone wrong, are instead the work of a serial killer

The 30 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2018 Edition black work

My Life Is Murder

Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess, Parks and Recreation) stars in this contemporary Australian detective drama as retired cop Alexa Crowe. With her old boss (Bernard Curry, Once Upon a Time) regularly asking for her insight on cold cases and a young police data-analyst (Ebony Vagulans) eager to be mentored–whether Alexa wants to or not–Alexa can’t seem to stop solving crime.

Fallen Angel

49 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2021 Edition fallen angel

This riveting miniseries explores the mind and motivation of a psychopath (Emilia Fox, Delicious), moving backwards through time to learn where it all went wrong. Ethereal beauty Angel Wharton is the devil in disguise. But what–or who–made her that way? Is it the fault of Angel’s father (Charles Dance, The Crown), an ambitious but distant vicar? Her weak mother? Or the friend who betrayed her?


Still grieving his wife’s suicide, Detective Harry Anglesea returns to Auckland’s Major Crime Unit after four weeks of bereavement leave in his native Samoa. But his self-destructive behavior indicates he’s less ready to get back to work than he thinks. Sam Neill (Peaky Blinders) and Oscar Kightley star.

QUEENS OF MYSTERY (Acorn TV Original Series)

Charming, female-led mystery series created by Julian Unthank (Doc Martin, New Tricks). A young police detective (Olivia Vinall, The Woman in White) is aided by her three crime/mystery-writing aunts (Julie Graham, The Bletchley Circle; Siobhan Redmond, Alfresco; and Sarah Woodward, The Politician’s Husband), whether she wants it or not. (6 EPS)

Republic of Doyle

49 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2021 Edition republic of doyle

The sleepy port city of St. John’s, Newfoundland, is changing. While an influx of oil has flooded its coffers, it’s also brought to the surface the corrupt — where there’s cash, there’s trash, after all. And doing his part to clean things up is private eye Jake Doyle, who, with the help of his dad and partner at the Doyle P.I. Firm, takes on all cases — with the odd homicide thrown in just to keep things interesting.

LONDON KILLS, Series 1 (Acorn TV Original Series)

British detective drama from the creator of Suspects. Hugo Speer (The Full Monty), Sharon Small (Inspector Lynley Mysteries), Bailey Patrick (Bodyguard), and newcomer Tori Allen-Martinstar as a team of top murder detectives in the world’s most recognizable city, London. (5 EPS) (TRAILER)

Acorn TV 2019 Schedule Of Crime, Drama, And Thriller Show Releases manhuntManhunt

MANHUNT (Acorn TV Original Series)

#1 rated ITV British miniseries based upon the memoirs of former London Metropolitan detective DCI Colin Sutton (Martin Clunes, Doc Martin, Men Behaving Badly) who determinedly and tenaciously pursued serial killer Levi Bellfield. (3 EPS).

Close To The Enemy 

54 Best Crime Drama and Thriller Shows On Acorn TV 2022 Edition close to the enemy

Intelligence officer Callum Ferguson (Jim Sturgess, Across the Universe) must convince a captured German scientist (August Diehl, Inglourious Basterds) to develop a jet engine for the British government at the dawn of the Cold War in Stephen Poliakoff’s engrossing drama featuring Angela Bassett, Alfie Allen, and Alfred Molina in its all-star cast. An Acorn Original series.


This quirky New Zealand mystery follows DI Mike Shepherd, who arrives to the seemingly peaceful town of Brokenwood with a classic car, a country music collection, and an indeterminate number of ex-wives. His assistant, DC Kristin Sims, is a by-the-book investigator 15 years younger than her boss’s car. Shepherd soon discovers that Brokenwood is full of secrets and suspicions.

New Zealand Drama Brokenwood Mysteries Kicks Off In 2020 on Acorn TV


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