99 Cent Review book legal thriller The Brimstone Murders By Jeff Sherratt

99 Cent Review: The Brimstone Murders By Jeff Sherratt

Jeff Sherratt is the author of the acclaimed Jimmy O’Brien mystery series. His legal thriller The Brimstone Murders is now #25 in the Mystery category of Amazon Kindle Store and this urged us to take a look at his latest novel. We were certainly not disappointed.

A Brief Summary:

Robbie Farris stabbed his junior college professor twenty-seven times. At his arraignment, Robbie pulls a gun and escapes. After his mother is found murdered in her shabby house trailer, Robbie’s lawyer, Jimmy O’Brien, is led into the seemingly unrelated worlds of high-profile, religious evangelism and old-fashioned Mojave Desert borax mining.

Jimmy fights the clock, the cops, and the DA in his effort to find and return Robbie before he himself is charged with Section 187-murder in the first degree.

Our Take:

An entertaining and fast-paced legal thriller. This books hooks the readers up the moment one of the main characters Robbie Farris mentions the Lord told him to kill the professor. The story moves fast from that point and never slows down.

The story is written in a sort of a cozy style and the relationships between the characters is elaborated sufficiently. Overall, the book is a thrilling read with a vintage flare for who-done-it.

Our Rating: 3.1

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