A Page-Turning Thriller In An Unusual Setting Thing Ice By Paige Shelton

A Page-Turning Thriller In An Unusual Setting: Thing Ice By Paige Shelton

New York Times bestselling author Paige Shelton is taking a bold step away from the comfort of cozy mystery to something a little darker and grittier with Thin Ice. First in a new series comes a story where a woman filled with fear escapes to cold, isolated Alaska and struggles to stay hidden from the dangerous past she is running away from.

Beth Rivers is on the run – she’s doing the only thing she could think of to keep herself safe. Known to the world as thriller author Elizabeth Fairchild, she had become the subject of a fanatic’s obsession. After being held in a van for three days by her kidnapper, Levi Brooks, Beth managed to escape, and until he is captured, she’s got to get away. Cold and remote, Alaska seems tailor-made for her to hideout.

Beth’s new home in Alaska is sparsely populated with people who all seem to be running or hiding from something, and though she accidentally booked a room at a halfway house, she feels safer than she’s felt since Levi took her. That is, until she’s told about a local death that’s a suspected murder. Could the death of Linda Rafferty have anything to do with her horror at the hands of Levi Brooks?

As Beth navigates her way through the wilds of her new home, her memories of her time in the van are coming back, replaying the terror and the fear—and threatening to keep her from healing, from reclaiming her old life again. Can she get back to normal, will she ever truly feel safe, and can she help solve the local mystery, if only so she doesn’t have to think about her own.

…seemingly authentic depiction of the geography and denizens of a small Alaskan town adds to the book’s charm.

While the idea behind the plot is not entirely new, we were intrigued by the premise and setting of Thin Ice. The storyl;ine is very suspenseful and the seemingly authentic depiction of the geography and denizens of a small Alaskan town adds to the book’s charm.

The characters are likable and interesting and Paige Shelton takes her time developing personalities. Overall, this is a promising first in a new series and a good read for fans of suspense thrillers.

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What we liked
Likable and interesting characters
Suspenseful plot
Authentic depiction of the geography
Recommended for
Suspenseful thriller fans
Fans of books happening in an unusual setting or exotic locale

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