BookRix: Good Source For Finding Free Mystery and Thriller eBooks

BookRix is a free self publishing platform that offers eBook distribution services to independent writers. Users can share their writing, connect with other readers and discover new stories and authors – all in one place. You can access the free mystery section of the website here.


BookRix was the first book community to give their writers a platform to promote and sell their work on the web as a published eBook. In addition, indie reading enthusiasts are given access to a fast growing virtual library filled with unique content to read and share among their reading circles.


BookRix is a free and allows users to:


– Publish eBooks.

– Distribute and sell eBook on major online shops and earn money

– Learn simple ways to market eBook and become a successful indie author

– Discover other readers and writers with the same passion

– Search the community for interesting group discussions, writing tips and recommendations

– Share ideas, receive feedback and discuss books and projects

– Write book reviews and provide quality feedback to aspiring writers

– Share books with others via email, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest

– Browse virtual library for top rated books.

Last updated on February 15, 2020

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