Beatlemania Music Mystery Flash Fiction By Paul Kindlon

Beatlemania: Music Mystery Flash Fiction By Paul Kindlon

Paul Kindlon, author of “Beatlemania”, is a professor of Humanities and a regular contributor to Mystery Tribune. He lives somewhere in New York State.

“Step back! Step back there now!”. All the bobbies are the same. Always waving their hands and pushing you away.

I saw George come out of the hotel first. And Ringo after him, smilin’ that puppy dog way. You just want to kiss em, you know?

Things got a little crazy around that time. Pushing and shoving this way and that.

My friend Missy actually got punched in the mouth. By me! It was pure mayham. But more was ta come.

Missy – bless her soul – had done some real detective work. She found out their room number and paid a maid to help us sneak inside after hours.

We’re good girls. And even though we were both mad about the boys we decided days before to just ask for autographs after we knocked on their door. Which we did with shaking hands. And legs.

Positively petrified we were. John answered the door in his underpants! I thought I was going to die.

“Hello Luv”, he said, grinning all the way.

For some reason I attacked him. Couldn’t help myself. He was right in front of me.

Missy did the same to Paul when he came up from behind smokin a fag. Their manager arrived sometime later. And he was not in a good mood. The bloke had some papers he wanted us to sign.

But not before Missy called her uncle Morris. The uncle Morris So rich and handsome. He came down to the hotel and took Brian into a separate room next door.

We could hear shouting… Morris using words like “scandal, buggery, and illegal”.

I heard crying and the sound of glass being shattered. It was mayham I tell ya. Pure mayham. Can you imagine? Our first time with the Beatles!

The second time I had to go it alone. After my father suddenly got rich we moved to London and I lost touch with my Missy.

But I think I did her proud. I surprised the boys by climbing through the bleeding bathroom window!


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