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From Couch Potato to Detective: 5 Apps Based on Your Favorite Crime Dramas

Have you ever watched a show like NCIS or CSI and secretly dreamed what it feels like to get involved from the crime scene on the other side of the television; maybe using apps? Have you ever wondered how it feels to connect the dots at a crime scene or the adrenaline rush that comes with chasing down a villain as they tried to make their doomed escape?

Well, you can wonder no more: You can go from couch potato to detective with these 5 apps inspired by your favorite crime dramas. All you have do is to download the app and you’re ready to get started. 

1. NCIS: Hidden Crimes

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This hit drama, now in its 14th season, focuses on crimes tied to the US Navy or Marine Corps. In the game, players join Special Agent Leroy Gibbs, Abby” Sciuto, and Tony DiNozzo Jr. as a special agent of the team’s Naval Criminal Institute. Players travel across the country to search for hidden objects that are important to cracking the case.

Cost: Free, but offers in-app purchases

More Info: NCIS page on Google store & NCIS page on iTunes

2. The Blacklist: Conspiracy

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What happens when a high-profile criminal turned manipulative FBI informant? You get TV’s “The Blacklist” featuring James Spader as “Red” Reddington and Megan Keen as FBI rookie Megan Boone. In the game inspired by the app. Like the NCIS app, players search for hidden clues, analyze objects, and complete investigations to find the next criminal on “the list”.

Cost: Free, but offers in app-purchases

More Info: Gameloft site (game creator website)

3. Sherlock: The Network

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What’s better than helping Sherlock Holmes? In this app inspired by the popular and updated version of the Sherlock Holmes character, players work as informants of The Network to help Sherlock The game features ten cases (first two are free) which have players doing everything from cracking codes and puzzles to assembling Sherlock’s Mind Palace. Beside playing to find the right answer, players also try to beat their time on the Facebook-connected scoreboard. The game also includes audio and video from the hit TV show.

Cost: Free, but offers in-app purchases

More Info: The Network (game website)

4. Dexter Slice

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Dexter Slice is a puzzle game based on the character Dexter Morgan, the forensic technician and part-time serial killer who takes justice into his own hands. Unlike other puzzle games, the puzzles in this game are a little more deadly. Players use knives and blades to improve their dexterity at increasingly higher and higher levels (120 levels in all).

Cost: Free for first 20 levels, but offers in-app purchases

More Info: Dexter Slice (game website)

5. Castle: Never Judge a Book By Its Cover

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Castle may be off the air, but it isn’t out of fan’s hearts. The duo of mystery novelist Richard Castle and detective Kate Beckett are still in action in this crime-solving app. This is another hidden objects game with a twist. Like a mystery novel, participants are initially led off course until they complete challenges which bring them closer to the truth.

Cost: Free, with in-app purchases

More Info: Castle page on Google Play & Castle page on iTunes

Besides these 5 games, there are some other cool apps out there in which you can try. Here are three more as a bonus: 

CSI Slots, a slot machine game that also doubles as a crime-fighting game (IOS version)

CSI: Hidden Crimes, another game from the CSI franchise. This one focuses on hidden objects (IOS version)

The ABC Murders, detective game inspired by Agatha Christie’s book, “The ABC Murders”.


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