A Cozy Novel Miss Dimple Disappears By Mignon F. Ballard

A Cozy Mystery: Miss Dimple Disappears By Mignon F. Ballard

Mignon F. Ballard is the author of several mysteries including a series featuring revered first grade teacher, Miss Dimple Kilpatrick, during the years of World War II. Miss Dimple Disappears is the latest book published on the adventures of this female heroine.

The story of the book happens in 1942, almost a year after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, leaving the residents of the small town of Elderberry, Georgia, rattled down to their worn, rationed shoes.

For young teacher Charlie Carr, life and love aren’t going exactly as planned—her head dictates loyalty to the handsome corpsman, Hugh, but whenever she thinks of her best friend’s beau, Will, her heart does the Jersey Bounce. Charlie is doubly troubled by the disappearance of beloved school mistress Miss Dimple Kilpatrick one frosty November morning just before Thanksgiving.

Miss Dimple, who has taught the town’s first graders—including Charlie—for almost forty years, would never just skip town in the middle of the school year, and Charlie and her best friend, Annie, are determined to prove it.

The story of Miss Dimple Disappears is a fun and cozy tale of an investigation by some ordinary people: The actions of the main characters are put into the context of the life in the World War II. While we enjoyed all the quirky small town characters and the nostalgic historical details laid out by the author, we think the mystery piece could have been developed better/richer.

We also think that the author could have done a better job in reducing the fluff: We read the statements regarding the news of Miss Dimple Disappearance at least 80 times throughout the book.

But overall, This is a decent cozy historical mystery.

Our Rating: 3.0 

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