“CypherGhost”: A Gripping Techno-thriller By DS Kane

After working as a covert operative for over a decade and travelling the globe, DS Kane now writes fictions about how intelligence agancies craft lies to sway and manipulate their national policy. His latest techno-thriller CypherGhost is a fast-paced and gripping story which will keep you up reading the whole night.

A Brief Summary: 

She is a CypherGhost: An untraceable hacker, someone who can be anywhere and do anything using a computer. Can an aircraft be hacked? Can a human being be hacked? Don’t be so sure…

When Ann Silbey Sashakovich enters Stanford University to study computer forensics, she gets far more than she expected. During the Thanksgiving holiday of her freshman year, she finds that the aircraft she is a passenger on has been hacked. Its engines have stopped and everyone aboard is screaming.

When Charlette De Spain’s boyfriend is falsely accused of stealing secrets from the FBI and dies in prison under mysterious circumstance, it changes her life. Once an Art History major, now a budding computer hacker, she gathers the proof that he was innocent. When no one pays attention, she decides to become jury and executioner of all those responsible.

But the aircraft carrying one of her primary targets also carries Ann.

In an America whose government is silently at war with its hackers, who prevails and who fails isn’t limited to the two young battling women, but might also involve the fate of the entire nation.

Our Take: 

DS Kane, without a doubt, is a great storyteller. When we picked up the latest installment of Kane’s Spies Lies series, we got hooked from the beginning. The author does a wonderful job of fictionalizing the crossroads of politics, technology and national security in an entertaining plot.

The book is written is a very easy language and can be read in one sitting. Although we can categorize this novel as a thriller, the author has toyed to some extent with some science fiction themes which make the story more absorbing. Overall, a highly recommended read for the lovers of popular thrillers.

Our Rating: 3.7

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Photo credit: Hernan Piñera via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

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