Doctor Blake Mysteries - Episode 2

“Doctor Blake Mysteries” Is Ending But Ballarat Wants To Keep It Alive

For the last five years, fans of traditional mysteries in more than 130 countries have been following Dr. Blake Mysteries featuring a lot of vintage cars, old street signs and Victorian architecture. No more as the fifth season of this murder mystery TV show will be the last season after ABC announced recently that it is killing the show.

The show is set in Ballarat in the 1950s, a city located on the Yarrowee River in the Grampians region of Victoria, Australia. It is approximately 105 kilometers west-north-west of the state capital, Melbourne, with the current population of some 102,230.

In the series, accompanied by haunting memories of his service time in World War II, Dr. Lucian Blake returns home to Australia after 30 years to take over his deceased father’s medical practice. As he deals with his own personal loss and changed by his war experiences, the wry, personable doctor performs his other role as police surgeon with gusto. His unconventional and unpredictable manner unnerve some, but it becomes clear Dr. Blake is ahead of his time in his use of forensic science, and in his own understanding of the human heart, to help solve murder mysteries in the country town of Ballarat.

There are already many tourists visiting Ballarat, trying to get a glimpse of  the setting for Dr. Blake’s adventures. So it’s not surprising to see that the city’s officials want to capitalize on the trend. Noel Dempsey, chief executive of tourism body Visit Ballarat, told ABC he supported the production company in its efforts to continue the show. “We love the program and everything it does for Ballarat,” he said.

“No matter what the outcome, we’re confident that Doctor Blake’s legacy will provide long-term benefits for Ballarat.”

In a statement, ABC head of scripted production Sally Riley said the time was right to go out while the show was still on top. “We have a fantastic final season still to come and we look forward to wrapping the series up with a satisfying movie-length finale, as we bid farewell to an Australian TV icon,” Ms Riley said.

But many disagree with the notion that it’s time to stop the show. The opponents include, Craig McLachlan, the actor behind the character of Dr. Blake who called the decision to cancel the show “baffling.”

Whether the opponents of cancellation can win the argument and find another network to continue Dr. Blake stories is something which we won’t probably know for at least another year.

  1. Crime Shows, Dr. Blake Mystery, TV: Imagine, a small town, located in the USA. There, in an average home, a television/computer is broadcasting a show based on a small town, Ballarat, located in Australia. A town, much like any one might choose to settle in to raise a family amidst the trials of everyday life. Set in an era, which gave the world a chance for a new start. Death, murders, yes! Relationships, drama, life changing events all filmed and portrayed with an eye for detail to the era. The Doctor Blake Mysteries drew me in like those of the grand lady, Agatha Christie, whose works set the standard to period mystery dramas. With each episode, I found myself to be not only a viewer, but, a participant in solving the mysteries. I felt to be a part of the good doctor’s household, or a member of the town observing and anticipating the events as they unfolded. Each portrayal of the wonderful characters gives one the sense of belonging. Each episode challenges the mind and the hearts of its viewers. It seems, I find myself in the company of others who would love to see this show continue. Like so many, I would humbly ask, you reconsider the demise of, Dr. Blake Mysteries. Far too seldom, does a show come along that unites the hearts and minds of people from all over the world. Although, my voice is one, combined with many, I do hope, the powers that be, will give our thoughts, consideration. Whatever the future holds for this show, I enjoyed every moment I escaped, to the town of Ballarat, with the good doctor and the residents!


    D Roberts

  2. I’m in Love with this series. What ashamed it is to hear that it’s going to be canceled. Exactly how many series are there? I only see 3 seasons and I’m regrettably reaching the end of those at this very moment. Well BRAVO for such great actors and I hope the agency’s involved change their mind ‘s. Thank you for such a lovely program.
    Sincerely, Carolyn Greco
    Sistersville West Virginia, USA

  3. I’ve enjoyed this program so much! Please let me know if there’s going to be any continuations? I only see 3 Seasons at this point and was wondering if I have any more seasons or specials to look forward to in the future? Thank you for such wonderful acting and great dialogue. It’s going to be missed.
    Fondly, an American fan
    Carolyn Greco
    Sistersville West Virginia

  4. Amazing show with amazing plots and amazing acting in a wonderful setting that everyone enjoys. Cancel it??!!! why?

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