Don Winslow’s Cartel Trilogy Coming To FX As A TV Series

Don Winslow’s Cartel Trilogy Coming To FX As A TV Series

FX Networks has acquired the rights to turn Don Winslow’s Cartel Trilogy into a TV series. The series will be based on Winslow’s 2005 novel The Power of the Dog, the 2015 sequel The Cartel, and 2019 conclusion The Border which is currently on the #3 spot on NY Tmes Bestseller list.

The deal was made by John Landgraf, CEO of FX Networks and FX Productions and Winslow and Shane Salerno, along with Ridley Scott, will be Executive Producers.

The book trilogy spans a 45 year period and follows a DEA agent named Art Keller through America’s long running war on drugs. In the latest installment, The Border, Keller is elevated to the highest ranks of the DEA, only to find that in destroying one monster he has created thirty more that are wreaking even more chaos and suffering in his beloved Mexico. But not just there.

Keller finds himself surrounded by enemies―men who want to kill him, politicians who want to destroy him, and worse, the unimaginable―an incoming administration that’s in bed with the very drug traffickers that Keller is trying to bring down.

Art Keller is at war with not only the cartels, but with his own government. And the long fight has taught him more than he ever imagined. Now, he learns the final lesson―there are no borders.

Deadline first reported the news of the FX acquisition of the trilogy.

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