A New Adventure Novel On Kindle American Caliphate By William Doonan

Fun Adventure Novel On Kindle: “American Caliphate” By William Doonan

William Doonan, the author of American Caliphate, is a college professor and a field archaeologist. For several years he’s been involved in the excavation of an ancient Moche pyramid complex on Peru’s north coast, the driest, most desolate place on earth. In 1548, Spanish missionaries built a church in front of the abandoned pyramid, a church that now lies in ruins. Doonan has had several academic publications as well as several short stories published, and last year, his first novel, Grave Passage, was published.His latest work of fiction, American Caliphate, is partially based on his work in Peru.

A Brief Summary:

Archaeologists Jila Wells and Ben Juarez are not thrilled at the prospect of returning to Peru; the ambush that nearly cost Jila her still haunts her. But the ruined pyramids at Santiago de Paz hide an important document that would shock the Islamic world. Professor Sandy Beckham is assembling a distinguished team to dig quickly through the pyramid complex, following clues found in the diary of a wealthy Muslim woman who lived in Spain nearly five centuries ago.

In the diary are details of an illegal expedition to Spanish Peru in three well-armed ships. Convinced that Spain was forever lost to Islam, Diego Ibanez intended to bring the word of Allah to the pagan Americans. Landing on Peru’s north coast, he learned that the fires of the Inquisition burned even hotter there than they did in Spain.

As the archaeologists brace for the ravaging storms of El Niño, Jila and Ben hurry to complete their excavations. But they’re not the only ones interested in this project. Other forces are determined that the document remain hidden. Should it be discovered, a challenge could be made under Islamic testamentary law to the throne of Saudi Arabia. And the House of Saud has no interest in sharing power with an American caliphate that might now awaken from a five hundred year slumber.

Our Take:

Would we recommend this book? Well, it depends…If you enjoy authors like Dan Brown and James Rollins, this might be a nice change of air…the historical details ring true and the characters and the plot are interesting. Also the book is written in an easy language and reads fast. Overall, we think this is a good casual read…

Our Rating: 3.3

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