Great read in Scandinavian Crime Fiction: Stone Coffin

Shortlisted for the Prize for Best Swedish Crime Novel, Stone Coffin is the latest in the award-winning and internationally-acclaimed detective Ann Lindell mystery series. The realistic plot in this new Scandinavian crime novel, cinematic scenes and page-turning style of this title kept us engaged till the end.

A Brief Summary: 

One sunny summer morning a young woman and her six-year old daughter are run over by a car. Both are killed immediately. Is it an accident, or did someone kill them on purpose?

The same morning the husband of the deceased young woman disappears. During the police investigation, it turns out that the husband had recently bought a property that nobody knew anything about. A few days later a macabre discovery is made in a forest nearby which creates new complications in an already challenging case.

Our Take: 

Although the plot is very intriguing, the story starts very slow: This is one of the characteristics of many Scandinavian novels as they portray a very realistic view. However, the author Kjell Erikson does a superb job of building more and more suspense. So we could not wait to see what happened next next as were reading.

A portion of the story, like previous novels in this series, is dedicated to personal thoughts and issues in Ann’s mind which was also a nice touch. Overall. a great police procedural which can be read as a standalone novel and will really appeals to those readers who love atmospheric Scandinavian crime fictions.

Our Rating: 4.0

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