Review of Helsinki Homicide Nothing but the Truth By Jarkko Sipila

Review of “Helsinki Homicide: Nothing but the Truth” By Jarkko Sipila

Helsinki Homicide: Nothing but the Truth is the third novel we recently reviewed from a popular Finnish series by Jarkko Sipila centered around Lieutenant Takamäki and his team in Helsinki Police workforce. Jarkko Sipila, 45, is a Finnish author and journalist who has been reporting Finnish crime news for TV News and newspapers for almost 20 years.

A Brief Summary:

A young cocaine dealer is gunned down at the door of his apartment on the outskirts of downtown Helsinki. Detective Lieutenant Kari Takamäki and his homicide team find the trigger man—but who was working behind the scenes?

A woman from a neighboring building comes forward with an image of the getaway driver’s face burned into her memory. After testifying in the trial, she finds herself the target of an escalating spiral of threats. Not wishing to uproot her life, she and her twelve-year-old daughter risk death by spurning the police’s offer of a safe house. As the threats mount, the witness is torn between her principles and her desire to keep her family safe. How much should an ordinary citizen sacrifice for the benefit of society as a whole?

Our Take:

Sipila tells us stories which can really happen around us; no superficial dramatic situations…Only realistic stories, written masterfully.

Like the other books in the series, this is a book with a crisp writing style: No fluff, no unnecessary information and no side stories. Characters such as Helsinki Police cop Suhonen are also present in this novel and play an important part.

The plot is a very simple one and doesn’t really have a complicated twist: It’s the sort of the stuff which can happen anywhere, anytime and around any of us: This is due to the author’s emphasis on writing in a realistic style. As we have mentioned before, we could clearly see that the experience of the author as a journalist covering crime cases had found their way to the pages of his series.

Character development has kept to the minimum level and the author has put his emphasis on the plot instead. Overall, a dark noir novel which might appeal to the police procedural fans.

Our Rating: 4.0

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