Historical Mystery Review Cradle to Grave By Eleanor Kuhns

Historical Mystery Review: Cradle to Grave By Eleanor Kuhns

Edgar award-winning author Eleanor Kuhns has a new title out by Minotaur: Cradle to Grave is a new episode in the author’s historical mystery series featuring revolutionary war veteran Will Rees. If you like history and mystery check it out!

A Brief Summary:

Will Rees is adjusting to life on his Maine farm in 1797, but he’s already hungering for the freedom of the road, and his chance to travel comes sooner than he expects. Lydia has just received a letter from her old friend Mouse, a soft-spoken and gentle woman who now lives in the Shaker community in Mount Unity, New York. To Lydia and Rees’s astonishment, she’s in trouble with the law. She’s kidnapped five children, claiming that their mother, Maggie Whitney, is unfit to care for them.

Despite the wintry weather and icy roads, Rees and Lydia set out for New York, where they sadly conclude that Mouse is probably right and the children would be better off with her. There’s nothing they can do for Mouse legally, though, and they reluctantly set out for home. But before they’ve traveled very far, they receive more startling news: Maggie Whitney has been found murdered, and Mouse is the prime suspect.

Our Take:

Kuhns does her homework every time…an amazingly real historical account wrapped into a page-turning mystery plot.

Kuhns does not disappoint us with this new novel: A very well-written whodunit with multiple layers and interesting and familiar characters. This book will be very appealing for the lovers of cozy and historical mysteries.

Our Rating: 3.8

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