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Intriguing Portrait Photography By Sara Cabrera Martinez

Photographer Sara Cabrera Martinez, born in 1999 in Madrid, is still in her teenage years but her work has the degree of maturity only experienced artists can achieve. What follows is an overview of some the recent works by the artist as well as artist’s remarks on her background and inspirations.


When I was 15 years old, I got interested in the field of photography. I had just purchased my first decent camera and was using my friends as my main subjects. Starting with portrait photography was a natural entry point for me due to easy access to subjects.

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I soon realized that I was not able to bring my artistic visions into fruition without photo editing. That’s how I got into photo editing; something I am very glad I did.

I learned how to use photoshop on my own. Part of it was because I didn’t have access to resources, but also because my drive to master photo editing was fueled with my questions: I was looking for something specific to do and was searching for the ways technology can help me find the answer.

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For example, I love creating fantastic scenes in my photography and, as a result I had to learn a lot about how I can work more on the skin of the models in photoshop, adding brightness and color.

What I want to show with my work is human tenderness but also sadness: I have found my own way of showing beauty in melancholy, loneliness or a tear. At first sight beauty and tenderness don’t fit with sadness or loneliness, but I think there is a relation between the two.

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Nature and light are essential in my photography and flowers and water are the elements I like to work with the most.

For working with models, it’s very important to make them feel comfortable. For me It’s essential to show them the results at the end of the photo shoot and get immediate feedback from the subjects themselves.

For me, photography is about sharing the way you see things: When someone makes you see things through their eyes, that’s a magical moment.

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