Marta Bevacqua And Her Dreamscapes

Marta Bevacqua surreal and intriguing photography Main

Born in Rome in 1989, Marta Bevacqua showed an interest in photography back at an early age. And right after getting her school-leaving diploma, she dedicated herself fully to her passion.

Her initial entry into the field of photography included experiences in various diverse fields.  She experimented with still photography on sets to shot photographs for book covers. The latter included taking the picture that became the cover of one of the books of Nobel prize winner Alice Munro. Marta finally started to develop an interest in fashion photography and settled mostly in this space.

Although her photos often seem to tell oppressive narratives, they are still full of magic and beauty. And we enjoy diving into this odd and fascinating world through her imagery.

Marta considers nature and the world around her as are some of the biggest influences on her work. She finds inspiration and gets influenced by nearly everything in nature.

Working with the models in respect to posing or directing them is a big part of portrait photography, something Ms. Bevacqua specializes in. To achieve desirable artistic results, she usually talks with the models but then she leaves them quite free after that.

The idea to provide only bare-bone direction and let the models express themselves, without forcing anything.

Marta Bevacqua surreal and intriguing photography

Note: An extended collection of surreal work by Marta Bevacqua can be found in Mystery Tribune No. 6 – Summer 2018 . 

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