Midnight Walk A Neo-Noir Short Film By Mathilde Nocquet

Midnight Walk: A Neo-Noir Short Film By Mathilde Nocquet

Midnight Walk, the neo-noir short film by Mathilde Nocquet, proves that a talented director can take a dark or absurd narrative and create a joyful visual product.

Mathilde Nocquet, is an award winning French Film director. After spending 3 years in Australia, she freshly moved to UK.

“I’m a huge fan of Hitchock and Brian de Palma. When I was a teenager, I spent all my summers watching their movies, dreaming about becoming a film director and making notes while everyone else was on the beach. Now, I did it, BITCH!” said Mathilde.


Midnight Walk which essentially tells the story of confrontation between two women has already won many awards. They include Gold Medal from Los Angeles Neo Noir Film Festival, Best Creative Concept at Miami Fashion Film Festival, Best Drama at Freshflix Sydney Festival, and Best Web Series at Venice Film Week.

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