Minnesota Nice Noir Short Film By Gregg Holtgrewe

Minnesota Nice: Noir Short Film By Gregg Holtgrewe

Gregg Holtgrewe, the director behind Minnesota Nice, was born in Moorhead, MN. He has been making movies since the age of 14 and have made over 20 short films, 2 featurettes and 3 features.

His films have won a many awards including Best Picture, Best Screenplay, Audience Award and a Silver Ace Award for his film Dawning.

Alex Miller, the co-writer of Minnesota Nice, has also worked on a number of short film projects including Til Death, a short picture about a man being haunted by his recently deceased wife.


“Minnesota Nice”, loosely based on a true story, is a neo-noir/crime thriller which follows Raymond, a man whose lost his job and family. Miriam, his sister-in-law, pushes Raymond into devising a plan which would convince his brother Bill, to sell the family farm. Aided by a stranger, Raymond’s plan takes a tragic turn, leading to a path of greed, betrayal and murder…ultimately revealing the true meaning of “Minnesota Nice”.



Cast: Jonas Goslow, Amanda Day, John Edel, Nick James, Charles Hubbel, and William P. Studer.

Music Composed by Nathaniel Levisay
Costume Designer Wenonah Wilms
Editor Alex Miller
Production Designer Tanner Masseth
Director of Photography TJ Schwingle
Co-producer Christopher K. Grap
Written by Gregg Holtgrewe and Alex Miller
Produced and Directed by Gregg Holtgrewe


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