Mystery and Art Review Of Hijack in Abstract By Larissa Reinhart

Mystery and Art: Review Of “Hijack in Abstract” By Larissa Reinhart

Larissa Reinhart combines the genre of mystery and art masterfully in her new cozy mystery Hijack in Abstract. Growing up in a small town, Larissa couldn’t wait to move to an exotic city far from corn fields. After moving around the US and Japan, now she loves to write about rough characters that live near corn fields, particularly sassy women with a penchant for trouble.

Hijack in Abstract is the third in the Cherry Tucker Mystery Series from Henery Press.

A Brief Summary:

With a classical series sold and a portrait commissioned, Cherry Tucker’s art career is in Georgia overdrive. But when the sheriff asks Cherry to draw a composite sketch of a hijacker, her life takes a hairpin as the composite leads to a related murder, her local card-sharking buddy Max Avtaikin becomes bear bait and her nemesis labels the classical series “pervert art.”

Cherry’s jamming gears between trailer parks, Atlanta mansions, and trucker bars searching for the hijacker who left a widow and orphan destitute. While she seeks to help the misfortunate and save her local reputation, Cherry’s hammer down attitude has her facing the headlights of an oncoming killer.

Our Take:

Larissa is an intelligent author and this come through the great way she combines a twisted plot into a funny tale. Cherry’s crazy life absorbed us into the story and the easy to read language allowed for a one-sitting reading. If you like cozy mysteries and are looking for something fresh, check this book out.

Our Rating: 3.8

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