Review Mystery Game The Scene Of The Crime For iPad

Review: Mystery Game “The Scene Of The Crime” For iPad

The new iPAD mystery game, “Scene of the Crime” with its black and white old noir touch and mind-bending puzzles is a great choice for mystery fans.

Like many other mystery game, the player as supposed to visit scenes of the crime and gather evidence: The player can zoom in different parts of the victim’s body, inspect the room and the pieces of evidence and draw conclusions.

PLayers will definitely enjoy the edgy graphics, and searching for clues, using their fingerprint kit, and piecing together the crime. A highly recommended cerebral game!


Mateusz J. Skutnik (born 1976 in Gdańsk, Poland) is a graphic artist, game developer, and architect who graduated from the Technical University of Gdańsk in Poland. He is the author of several graphic novels such as the series Rewolucje, Blaki and Morfołaki, and is the creator of animated shorts like “Kinematograph”.

Together with Karol Konwerski, he is the founder of Pastel Games, the company behind several well-known point and click flash game series, including Covert Front, Daymare Town, 10 Gnomes and the critically acclaimed Submachine. Mystery game Scene Of The Crime also belongs to Pastel Games.


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