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Mystery with Touch of Sci Fi: A Twist In Time By Julie McElwain

If you are tired of reading typical mystery novels, A Twist In Time by Julie McElwain might be the remedy. The author has used the time-travel theme and combined it with thriller plots featuring her FBI heroine to create a series of entertaining novels which for sure keep you up at night.

A Twist In Time is the new installment in this series although the book can be read as a standalone novel: In previous book, Murder In Time, we meet the beautiful and brilliant Kendra Donovan who is a rising star at the FBI. While fleeing from an unexpected assassin, Kendra escapes into a stairwell that promises sanctuary but when she stumbles out again, she is in the same place – Aldrich Castle – but in a different time: 1815, to be exact.

Mistaken for a lady’s maid hired to help with weekend guests, Kendra is forced to quickly adapt to the time period until she can figure out how she got there; and, more importantly, how to get back home.

In the new installment, Kendra’s plan to return to the twenty-first century fails and she remains stranded at Aldridge Castle in 1815. At the same time, in London, the Duke of Aldridge’s nephew Alec has come under suspicion of murdering his former mistress Lady Dover. The matter is delicate as Alec is Kendra’s confident and lover. Lady Dover is found viciously stabbed with a stiletto and her face is carved up in a bizarre and brutal way.

Lady Dover had plenty of secrets, and her past wasn’t quite what she’d made it out to be – which becomes frighteningly clear when a crime lord emerges from London’s seamy underbelly to threaten Alec. Kendra decides to put her time-travel plans on pause and help Alec with the situation.

Don’t expect a literary masterpiece because this book isn’t one. Having said that, the novel and the series in general have plenty to offer: A captivating plot, an easy language which makes reading experience go smoothly, and a host of interesting characters.

If you want something entertaining, this is a good pick!

Our Rating: 3.6

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