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What to read: Our mystery picks for the month of July

We have received many excellent mystery and thriller titles lately and as a result, the task of picking great reads for our audience was definitely difficult. But the good news is that what comes below is a carefully hand-picked set of titles which delights every taste.

If you are a cozy mystery reader, Sci-Fi mystery lover or suspense fan you will find something interesting below. We strongly recommend you to check these titles out: You won’t be disappointed!

No One Gets Out Alive: A Novel This is a good book for those readers who love Stephen King-style novels. A young woman moves to a cheap apartment but it seems there are some weird things going on at nights. The book is close to 600 pages but it reads fast…very intriguing plot from a very promising voice in England.

Open Grave: A Mystery (Ann Lindell Mysteries) If you are a fan of Scandinavian crime novels, you have heard of the best-selling Swedish author Kjell Eriksson. This book is his latest novel which is written elegantly and has a super-complicated plot about a Nobel prize-winning professor who ends up dead.

The Convictions of John Delahunt: A Novel This is not a book for reading on the beach! The language is a bit difficult compared to mass-market novels but it has a very interesting plot based on a true story. The author is Irish so if you want to read from a new voice, try it out.

Death in Brittany: A Mystery This is an excellent read for those who like police procedurals or cozy mysteries. The book became an instant best-seller in Germany and it is a fast read. Highly recommended!


SignWave: An Aftershock Novel This book is a great read from one of the older voices in American crime fiction. We felt the style was kind of cinematic which makes the reading experience more exciting!

Signal: A Sam Dryden Novel We won’t be surprised if we see this title on the big screen soon. Patrick Lee has effectively combined crime fiction with Sci Fi genre in this exciting story: How about if we could use a radio which could sense the crimes which are supposed to happen in the future? If you are intrigued, check it out.

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