Review Of An Animal Cozy Mystery Desperate Housedogs By Sparkle Abbey

Review Of An Animal Cozy Mystery: “Desperate Housedogs” By Sparkle Abbey

Sparkle Abbey is the pseudonym of two mystery authors (Mary Lee Woods and Anita Carter) who are friends and neighbors as well as co-writers of the Pampered Pets Mystery Series. The pen name was created by combining the names of their rescue pets– Sparkle (Mary Lee’s cat) and Abbey (Anita’s dog). Natives of central Iowa, Desperate Housedogs is the latest book in their series.

A Brief Summary:

When Caro Lamont, former psychologist turned pet therapist makes a house call to help Kevin Blackstone with his two misbehaving German Shepherd dogs, she expects frantic dogs, she expects a frantic dog owner, she even expects frantic neighbors.

What she doesn’t expect is that two hours later the police will find Kevin dead, his dogs impounded; and that as the last person to see Kevin alive (well, except for the killer) she is suddenly a person of interest, at least according to Homicide Detective Judd Malone.

Our Take:

Interesting cozy with a funny style! This book might be only appealing to cozy readers but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good pick for all other mystery fans. A captivating story which gets the reader hooked, this is a title to watch.

Our Rating: 3.8

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