Review Dandy Gilver And The Proper Treatment Of Blood Stains By Catriona McPherson

Review: “Dandy Gilver And The Proper Treatment Of Blood Stains” By Catriona McPherson

Dandy Gilver and the Proper Treatment of Bloodstains is an exciting novel recently released by Minotaur in paperback format highlighting a new adventure from the private eye Dandy Gilver. The author Catriona McPherson again has done a good job in creating an appealing mix of historical and cozy mystery. She is a native of Scotland and was born near Edinburgh, where she received her Ph.D. She now lives in Davis, California, with her husband and two cats.

A Brief Summary:

It’s 1926 in Edinburgh. Dandy Gilver, the witty amateur sleuth, comes to the aid of Lollie Balfour, who insists that her husband is trying to kill her. Pretending to be Lollie’s maid, Dandy is soon uncovering more secrets than she can shake her duster at. Can Dandy’s disguise protect her long enough to foil the villains?

Our Take:

We like the work of this author because she does a great job in writing British-style cozies with Agatha Christie flavor. The twists and turns in the story were logical and perfectly reasonable.

Also the atmosphere in which the plots happen, wealthy family in the early 20th century, is very well portrayed. One necessity of cozy mysteries is strong character development: This has been done satisfactorily in this story and the readers can easily visualize how they behave. The dialogue is at times very funny and at the center of all is Dandy who, although a mature person from experience point of view, makes some practical mistakes at times and makes the story more unpredictable.

Overall, a fun read for the lovers of Agatha style novels…

Our Rating: 4.0

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