Pocket Thriller The Money Kill book By Katia Lief

Review of Pocket Thriller: “The Money Kill” By Katia Lief

Katia Lief, author of The Money Kill, is a popular author among the suspense readers and powerhouse name in the thriller space: She first introduced readers to her protagonist, former New York City police detective turned Brooklyn private investigator Karin Schaeffer and her husband Mac MacLeary in You Are Next and Vanishing Girls. The Money Kill is another new novel from this series.

A Brief Summary:

Former New York City police detectives-turned-Brooklyn private investigators Karin Schaeffer and her husband Mac survived when brutal terror invaded their lives more than once. Now the offer of thirty thousand dollars for one day’s work in London, followed by a family vacation in an exotic locale, seems too good to be true. And then they discover that it is.

Putting Mac’s investigations into the alleged marital infidelities of billionaire Godfrey Millerhausenon hold, the family finds paradise in the sun-drenched Mediterranean island of Sardinia. But the holiday turns dark and terrible when the children vanish. Suddenly Karin and Mac must unravel a deadly web first spun when wronged wife Cathy Millerhausen walked into their world—as they discover firsthand the true evil of big money: how far it reaches, what it buys . . . who it kills.

Our Take:

This book doesn’t really boost the adrenaline in the reader but it’s a quick read and the author presents some nice twists at the end: As we know from previous work of the author, the dose of suspense is definitely more than action.

Our Rating: 3.6

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