Review of Private Eye Novel Coming Back By Marcia Muller

Review of Private Eye Novel Coming Back By Marcia Muller

Coming Back is the newest book from Sharon McCone Mysteries written by one of the Sisters In Crime founders Marcia Muller. The book in fact is the continuation of her previous work Locked In. In Locked In, San Francisco private eye Sharon McCone was shot in the head and suffered from locked-in syndrome: almost total paralysis but with an alert, conscious mind. Life is not easy in this situation and Sharon has to deal with her husband, friends and colleagues who have doubts about her abilities after the accident.

When Sharon’s friend from physical therapy goes missing, she must call upon those closest to her to find out the truth behind the disappearance. The investigation soon points to issues of national security and proves to be a critical case yet for Sharon and her colleagues.

As some folks in the book-reading community have pointed out, Muller uses the “James Patterson Effect” in this book: We have a story of kidnapping and cover-up being told in the form of short chapters  (few pages). However, rather than jumping around from character to character in the same chapter, Mueller has devoted single chapters to each character and described the actions and events from an individual perspective.

Muller is a fine writer and has cleverly portrayed Sharon’s fight for life to get back all the things and qualities that she had prior to the accident. The book is written in a way which can be read in one sitting. It is fast-paced and has more thriller elements in it than mystery. We recommend this book as a good casual read and an enjoyable pick for your Sunday afternoon or long ride on the train.

Our Rating: 3.5

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