Review Of Thriller Book Phantom By Ted Bell

Review Of Thriller Book “Phantom” By Ted Bell

Ted Bell is an American author of suspense novels and is best known for his New York Times Bestselling series of spy thriller novels featuring the character Alex Hawke. Phantom is one of his latest books from this series.

A Brief Summary:

Visitors at an American theme park look on in horror as their carefree holiday is transformed in an instant into near chaos. In the skies over the Midwest, the pilot of a USAF F-15 inexplicably loses control of his jet, endangering the very important lives in an accompanying aircraft. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, technology is in open revolt.

For counterspy Alex Hawke and his MI6 colleague, the brilliant former inspector Ambrose Congreve, the mission is clear: to get to the root of a terrifying series of unexplained “malfunctions.” But how do you fight a phantom—an enemy you cannot see? Cyber-warfare has been declared, and the hunt is leading Hawke on a breakneck race across the globe—on the trail of a villainous megalomaniac who may have created the perfect weapon: a devastating Artificial Intelligence nightmare that could shift the geopolitical balance of power for all time.

Our Take:

This is not really a masterpiece but will satisfy the fans of the author. The story moves fast and it can be finished in one night: Although the story is kind of cliche, the author has kept the quality consistent with his previous writing. Overall, a quick read for the subway!

Our Rating: 3.5

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