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Scandinavian Crime: Death Angels By Åke Edwardson

Åke Edwardson is one of our favorite Swedish novelists and we have reviewed some of the books from his Chief Inspector Winter series in the past (Go here for review of Sun and Shadow and here for Frozen Tracks). Death Angels is another novel in this series and has won the Best Swedish Crime Fiction Award in 1997.

A Brief Summary:

The main plot of “Death Angels” spins around some strange murders of teenage boys that are being committed in both Sweden and London.

Young Swedish men are being tortured and murdered in a similar pattern in both Gothenburg and London. And in all crime scenes, markings of a tripod have been found in the dried blood, as if the murder was filmed.

Inspector Winter flies to London to collaborate with his equivalent lead on the case, Steve Macdonald. They both agree that the murderer is not a typical sociopath and one key question in their mind is why on earth the murderer is committing the crimes. They are both willing to break the rules and do a little illegal activity in search of a clue.

Our Take:

If you want to read the series chronologically, “Death Angels” is the place to start. This crime story has a very formulaic plot but Edwardson provides a lot of richness to it through strong character development which takes us through the mind of a confident, thirty-something homicide detective.

Edwardson writes pure police procedurals, so we should expect large sections dedicated to investigation procedures which might not necessarily provide clues to the main plot in hand. Having said that, the reader shouldn’t be discouraged by the pace and the details as the twists and surprises are yet to come in later stages of the book.

Once the the reader thinks everything is figured out, the author provides some nice surprises in the story. The twists come at the right time and leave the reader satisfied with the novel. Overall, this is a solid foundation for a favorite police procedural series and definitely an entertaining read for the fans of Scandinavian Crime fictions. The right order of reading Inspector Winter series is according to the following (unfortunately Death Angels was not the first novel from the series translated into English):

Book 1 – Death Angels
Book 2 – The Shadow Woman
Book 3 – Sun and Shadow
Book 4 – Never End
Book 5 – Frozen Tracks

Our Rating: 4.0

Like Books By Åke Edwardson?  

Inspector Winter is definitely one of our favorite police procedural characters and we think you should give one of the books in this series a try too.

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