Scottish Crime Fiction Review Still Midnight By Denise Mina

Scottish Crime Fiction Review: Still Midnight By Denise Mina

Denise Mina (born 1966) is a Scottish crime writer and playwright. She has written the Garnethill trilogy and another three novels featuring the character Patricia “Paddy” Meehan, a Glasgow journalist. She has also dabbled in comic book writing, having recently written 13 issues of Hellblazer.

In Still Midnight, An Inspector Alex Morrow Mystery, Alex is assigned to a case that could make her career. The case involves a seemingly random attack on a family in a quiet suburb of Glasgow, Scotland. Three armed men slipped from a van into a house, demanding a man who is not, and has never been, inside the front door. In the confusion that ensues, one family member is shot and another kidnapped, the assailants demanding an impossible ransom. Is this an amateur crime gone horribly wrong, or something much more unexpected?

As Alex falls further into the most challenging case of her career, she must manage the complications of police force politics, and a marriage every bit as tangled as the case she’s trying to solve.

The book is a solid police procedural with rich character development: The author takes us into the mind of Alex Morrow as well as other characters and describes, in detail, the issues of class, religion and race in present day Glasgow.

The cold case in which Alex is trying to tackle binds all the main characters and their issues together and the result turns out to be a quite interesting tale which takes several unexpected turns.

The story is very quick and easy to read and Denise Mina fans will definitely want to spend some time with Alex Morrow.

Our Rating: 4.0 

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