Three Shots To The Wind By Sherry Harris Is A Delightful Cozy Mystery

“Three Shots To The Wind” By Sherry Harris Is A Delightful Cozy Mystery

If you’re looking for a delightful new cozy mystery, Three Shots To The Wind, the newest release by Agatha Award-nominated author Sherry Harris is a great pick.

The new story finds former Chicago librarian Chloe Jackson loving her new life as a bartender in Florida until a surprise visit from her ex-fiancé changes things.

Saloon owner Chloe Jackson appears to have a secret admirer. She’s pouring drinks at the Sea Glass Saloon in Emerald Cove when an airplane flies by above the beach with a banner reading I LOVE YOU CHLOE JACKSON. She immediately rules out Rip Barnett. They are in the early stages of dating and no one has said the L word.

Then a bouquet of lilacs—her favorite flower—is delivered to the bar, followed by an expensive bottle of her favorite sparkling wine. It couldn’t be.

…fun to read, entertaining and mysterious…

Sure enough, her ex-fiancé from Chicago has flown down to Florida for an accountants’ convention. But is he trying to mix business with pleasure and win her back? Unfortunately he’s not in a hotel conference room, he’s floating facedown in the lake next to her house, clutching a photo of Chloe.

Who murders an accountant on a business trip—it just doesn’t add up. When Rip becomes the prime suspect, Chloe is determined to find the secret murderer. But if she isn’t careful, it may be closing time and lights out for her.

We highly recommend this book to the fans of cozy mystery novels or those looking for books with female lead characters.


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