Thriller Book Review The Dark Hour By Robin Burcell

Thriller Book Review: “The Dark Hour” By Robin Burcell

Robin Burcell has been a police officer since 1983. During that time she has worked both as a detective in the Investigations Division and as a patrol officer. She was a member of the Hostage Negotiating Team and is the FBI-trained Forensic Artist for several different law enforcement agencies. The Dark Hour is her latest work of fiction.

A Brief Summary:

A high-profile killing has brought FBI Special Agent and forensic artist Sydney Fitzpatrick to Amsterdam—even as the assassination of a prominent U.S. senator rocks the political world. Two seemingly unrelated murders are leading Sydney to the threshold of a shocking conspiracy to spread a plague of death across the globe, especially when her sketch of a killer—and possible conspirator—reveals the face of a female CIA agent believed to be dead.

The murder of a witness and the disappearance of the missing agent’s husband, covert government operative Zachary Griffin, has Sydney racing against the clock to prevent a biological nightmare of astronomical proportions. For the dark hour is rapidly approaching when all secrets will be revealed . . . and the lives of countless millions will hang in the balance.

Our Take:

This book contains a dizzying cast of characters and the plot is organized in such a way that all the irrelevant pieces somehow manage to connect in a satisfying and unexpected conclusion. while the reader might get a better understanding about the characters by reading The Bone Chamber first, this book can be read as a stand alone novel.

Overall, This is a pleasant read for the fans of action-packed thrillers in an International setting.

Our Rating: 3.6

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