The Darkness Gathers by Lisa Unger

Thriller Review: The Darkness Gathers by Lisa Unger

The Darkness Gathers: A Novel is a 2011 release from Lisa Unger and tells the story of the true crime writer Lydia Strong who receives an anonymous cry for help, mailed to her as a recorded message and begging her to find and protect Tatiana Quinn, “and all the other girls in need of rescue.” The plea strikes close to her heart and she takes it on.

But this simple case of a missing teenager soon becomes much more. Someone wants Lydia to drop the case, someone anxious enough to engineer the reappearance of one of Lydia’s most dangerous adversaries. The story keeps the readers interested and takes them from the cool streets of New York to the hot Miami nights and to Albania as Lydia is trying to unlock this puzzle.

Lisa Unger, without a doubt, is a talented author and we are going to hear from her more in the future. I personally think that this book has a very appealing story and Lydia has the potential to become the lead character of a long 10+ volume series. At the start of the story, we have a long flashback to Lydia’s childhood traumas which led her to become a crime journalist. This flashback doesn’t completely resonate with the rest of the story and is somehow unnecessary.

In one part of the story, Lydia and her significant other Jeffrey fly to Miami to meet the local police detective in charge of the case. He wants their help because his investigation is going nowhere. I thought this scenario is a bit less realistic as police detective are less likely to open their heart and share details of formal investigations to out of town strangers so easily.

Overall a good entertaining read with some surprising twists.

Our Rating: 3.0 


Photo credit: DerrickT via / CC BY

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