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Watch Bosch Season 6 Official Trailer: An Essential Detective Show

Bosch has captivated many Amazon viewers and fans are impatiently waiting for the release of the new season. Well, the wait is over as Amazon is going to make the new episodes available in just a few weeks.

In the new story, when domestic terrorists threaten the fate of Los Angeles, Harry Bosch must save the city in the highest stakes season to date.

Below you can find more information about the release dates and the books that the new season is based on:

How many seasons are there of Bosch show?

5 as of March 2020. A 6th season is scheduled for a 2020 release and another one for a later date.

When is Bosch Season 6 set to premiere?

Season 6. The sixth season of Bosch is set to premiere on April 17, 2020.

What books Bosch Sean 6 is based on?

Season 6 will follow the Harry Bosch books The Overlook and Dark Sacred Night.

In The Overlook, Harry has his first case with the Homicide Special Squad, LAPD Detective Harry Bosch must follow his instincts to stop a killer who could destroy the entire city — even as the FBI works against him.

Near Mulholland Drive, Dr. Stanley Kent is found shot twice in the back of the head. It’s the case LAPD detective Harry Bosch has been waiting for, his first since being recruited to the Homicide Special Squad. When he discovers that Kent had access to dangerous radioactive substances, what begins as a routine investigation becomes something darker, more deadly, and frighteningly urgent.

Bosch is soon in conflict with not only his superiors but the FBI, which thinks the case is too important for just a cop.

Complicating his job even more is the presence of Agent Rachel Walling, his onetime lover. Now guarding one slim advantage, Bosch relentlessly follows his own instincts, hoping they are still sharp enough to find the truth — and a killer who can annihilate an entire city.

In Dark Sacred Night, detective Renée Ballard is working the night beat–known in LAPD slang as “the late show”–and returns to Hollywood Station in the early hours to find a stranger rifling through old file cabinets. The intruder is retired detective Harry Bosch, working a cold case that has gotten under his skin.

Ballard can’t let him go through department records, but when he leaves, she looks into the case herself and feels a deep tug of empathy and anger. She has never been the kind of cop who leaves the job behind at the end of her shift–and she wants in.

The murder, unsolved, was of fifteen-year-old Daisy Clayton, a runaway on the streets of Hollywood who was brutally killed, her body left in a dumpster like so much trash.

Now Ballard joins forces with Bosch to find out what happened to Daisy, and to finally bring her killer to justice.

Along the way, the two detectives forge a fragile trust, but this new partnership is put to the test when the case takes an unexpected and dangerous turn.

Will there be a Season 7 of Bosch?

Amazon has picked up the seventh season of this hit drama series which will be the final season.


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