Watch This Noir Short Film Frank DanCoolo Paranormal Drug Dealer

Watch This Noir Short Film: “Frank DanCoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer”

Frank DanCoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer, directed by Andrew W. Jones, is a screwball cyberpunk comedy, featuring a goofy blend of computer generated overkill, cartoon physics and stop-motion monsters.

Viewers shouldn’t be surprised that Frank Dancoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer is more of a comedy short film than a pure noir film. After all, the name partially implies that. As a critic puts it “This is a wild, weird, and wacky fun film delivered at a pace that puts NASCAR to shame.” and we agree. The plot could have taken 30 minutes to unpack or even 60, but here it is 8 minutes. (Watch it here).

Frank DanCoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer has been a winner in many festivals including:

  • Best Comedy – 2010 HP Lovecraft Film Festival
  • Best Short – 2010 Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival
  • Best Lovecraft Short – 2010 A Night of Horror Film Festival
  • Best Sci-fi/Horror Film – 2010 Crystal Palace Film Festival
  • Best Cult Film – 2010 Dragon*Con Film Festival
  • Director’s Choice Award – 2010 ShockerFest Film Festival

The film has also been the Official Selection in:

  • Toronto After Dark Film Festival
  • Cannes Independent Film Festival
  • LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival
  • Gasparilla Film Festival
  • World of Comedy Festival
  • London Independent Film Festival
  • Burbank International Film Festival
  • Hollyshorts Film Festival
  • Atlanta Horror Film Festival
  • Underground Horror Film Festival
  • Tri-City Fan Film Festival
  • Maelstorm Fantastic Film Festival
  • Action-on-Film International Film Festival
  • The Salty Horror Film Festival
  • Reading Music Festival
  • Brainwash Movie Festival
  • ShockFest Film Festival
  • TriMedia Film Festival
  • Arizona Underground Film Festival
  • Dark Bridges Film Festival
  • Hollywood Film Festival
  • ShriekFest Film Festival
  • Eerie Horror Film Festival
  • New York City Horror Film Festival

Andrew Jones is a prolific British film director, producer, and screenwriter of low budget independent feature films mainly in the horror genre. One of his most successful properties is the Robert the Doll film series.


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