Where To Get Cheap Mystery Books Some Tips

Where To Get Cheap Mystery Books: Some Tips

We are always on the hunt for finding places to buy cheap mystery books. Why? Well, although like to help the publishing industry by buying new books and thus encourage the authors to keep the good work coming, the expense side is usually an issue especially if you read a lot! Besides the money, there are some great books which are out of print and you can’t buy them new or find them in book stores.

So if you are looking for ways to get second hand or out of print mystery books cheap, here are some tips for you:

1- Buy books on the street

Often times when I am walking in old neighborhoods of Manhattan like West Village, I see many folks who are selling second had mystery books on the street. The prices are usually very reasonable (3-4 bucks mostly) and you can even bargain with them if you are going to buy more than 5 books. You are surprised to see how cheap some of the great best sellers can be purchased through these folks.

2- Go on eBay, Amazon or Abe Books

I guess you already know that Amazon and eBay offer a great range of cheap second hand mystery books on their website but in case you don’t know ABE (Advanced Book Exchange), this is also a great place where book sellers offer their used books online for sales. You can visit ABE website here.

3- Buy a Kindle (Or Nook!)

Amazon and Barnes and Noble now offer a long list of mystery books for very cheap price. If you are into classic mystery novels, many of them are now available for free on Kindle Store. With the prices now down to $79 for a simple Kindle, this is another way to read cheap or for free.

4- Go to outdoor markets or garage sales

I remember from the time I lived in Hell’s Kitchen that every Saturday, there used to be an open market near my house where people were selling all kinds of old stuff including old magazines and books. The sellers usually wanted to get rid of them as fast as possible so you could occasionally find and buy cool books there for a very cheap price (I remember I once bought more than a dozen newspapers from the Second World War period for $3). Garage or yard sales are also another way to find old books.

5- Check out Biblion for British Mysteries

You can visit Biblion website here; many of the book sellers are also on ABE but this one is more geared towards British books so if you are looking for a particular book originally published in the U.K. check their website.

6- Look for bargains on Powell’s website

Powell’s is now one of biggest international book sellers and you can often find very good bargains on their website including many cheap mystery books. You can check their store here.

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