With Kill Sequence Opening, I Immediately Had A Sense of Dread

With “Kill Sequence” Opening, I Immediately Had A Sense of Dread

Authors J.B. Stevens and Steve Griffiths discuss the opening for action thriller Kill Sequence

The First Line is a recurring column by J.B. Stevens. Mystery Tribune readers (you) get an inside look at what goes through the author’s mind as they craft their opening.

For the column, an author presents the initial sentence of their story. Then J.B. writes his impression of the passage. Next, the author discusses what their intent was with the line. To keep it interesting, J.B. writes his section before looking at the author’s description. Finally, you decide: Did the author achieve their goal?  


Today we have Kill Sequence by Steve Griffiths. This novel was released on March 5th, 2022 from Conversation Press.

Kill Sequence — the opening line:

The stranger at Shawn’s door said, “Someone’s coming to kill you.” 

J.B.’s thoughts:

Short and to the point, the fact it’s a stranger creates a few questions in my mind, and the fact that our threat is “someone” and not a defined person gives some great room for paranoia to creep in.

The author’s explanation:

I like it because… no-one likes a stranger at the door, so it brings some instant dread, and what this stranger says is pretty intense. I hope it pulls the reader in. Lots of questions in that line, I think.

J.B.’s response:

Steve got this one right, I immediately had a sense of dread and questioned the situation. Great work.


About Kill Sequence: 

After the trauma of his wife Liz’s murder, Shawn Nash wanted vengeance. He never expected to be hunted.

A stranger’s knock at his door plunges Shawn into a strange underworld of digital espionage, false identities, and violent mayhem. His mysterious benefactor Michael seems to be equal parts guardian angel and trickster, and Shawn has a growing awareness of connection with something else in his mind.

Hunted by hitmen, haunted by memories, and hidden from digital surveillance, Shawn must discover what really happened the night his wife died — and then find a way to save the world from the monster she inadvertently created.

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